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Reviews for: ACES, THE

Date: 19/03/2010
Author: Visitor
Reviews for: ACES, THE


This is the debut album of THE ACES, from Santa Rosa /Ca., and for sure a real unusual album for El Toro Records.the band don't play "Billy" music in any way. The Aces are a pure Rootsband with heavily modern blues influence, so the harp and the raw voice of Sky O'Banion dominating all 10 songs on this album.
As I said, all in a very modern mood, but Mr. O'Banion is an acve harp player and his backin' band rock the house like the Seatsniffern, BUT this band isn't similar to the Belguim Roots Rocker in any case. The Aces prefer a much more, typical, american sound with more modern rock guitar and arrangements, but I say that this album is one of the best albums by a modern band El Toro released in the last years. The band don't copy any artist, just playin' straight their own brand of music. Unfortunately this album is a bit too short in my opinion, so I dig this album very much.
My fave track is "Stole Something From Me" a fantastic roadhouse blues tune in fine up tempo. If you like bands like T 99 and similar-check The Aces !!!!!!
Mad House Jump

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