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Reviews for: V/A - TEXAS FEVER VOL. 1

Date: 19/03/2010
Author: Visitor
Reviews for: V/A - TEXAS FEVER VOL. 1


El Toro Records started a new set of 50's Rockabilly & Hillbilly Compilatlons with 20 Songs each. Attention , this isn't a double CD, I just packed them both in one review so it's easier for a lazy bastard like me to write a few words. 'right, the booklet says" many of which are only to be found on scare 45's, 78's and acÚtales and damn ít! That's right! Well, as usual if you own a huge collection of music you will find most of the tracks here and there and the idea to put rare stuff on one CD isn't something brand new for sure.
El Toro focused here very straight on Hillbilly, which isn't my fave rhythm, but if ya' dig cowboyhats , leather chaps and a good moonshine, this stuff is your stuff, so have a ride with Alden Holloway & His Prairie Riders ("Woodpecker Love"), Stoney Calhoun & The Night Owls ("Hot'n'Cold") or simply King Sterling & His Blue Grass Melody Boys (who the fuck printed that long ˝ames on tour or concertposters in that time - phewwww) with "Too Many Taverns, just to give a quick overvIew in the "Texas Fever" Compilation. Means a lots of Steel and Fiddle. "Campus Boogie" starts straight and in the same vein. Jimmie Collie entertain us with "l'm Not Givin' Up That Easy Rose". Leonard Sipes and the Rhythm Oakies dellver " Smooth Sailing" (fiddle again ). Al Runyon & The Gateway All-Stars caten us with a Elvis -a like " My Baby Left Me" and T.Texas Tyler & His Oklahoma Melody Boys with "Black Jack David" ( you can hear the scratched wax-yihhaaww ). Well, both compilations are good starters for this serie on El Toro Records and even if you, llke me, prefer more the "stormy" side of the 50's, this Hillbilly serie on El Toro ís recommended. No fucking remastering, overdubs ele, just simple transfered from wax to CD. Well, I prefer the wax more, but a good schnide for all the cowgirls and boys out there.

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