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Date: 04/03/2010
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Spanish Doowop? I wasn't sure i could see those two words working together, and popped this CD into the player with some trepidation. I needn't have worried.
From cut one, Agusti, Eddie and Mamen entertain and suprise with a series of wellconstructed, beautifullty sung and harmonised songs both self-penned and carefully borrowed from doowop's back catalogue. The tittle track opens proceedings, and the slight Spnaish inflection to the vocals actually add appeal to the cut, and to the whole album for that matter.
The mix of male and female vocals also works well, and Mamen takes lead on fourth track 'That's how I eel' to great effect, well backed by Agusti and Eddie's bassier tones.
Cut 5, the waltz-tempo 'Image Of A Girl, reminds us that Doowop isn't just about the voice, with (I think) Agusti's lush vocals more than matched by a soaring sax solo. 'Robot Stomp' is the closest the group get to traditional rock 'n' roll, and I've trawled the internet to find out what the 'Robot Stom' dance is without success - I guess i need to check these guys out in concert! 'Dimeo Tu' is Mamen's chance to shine in her native tongue, and shine she does - proof that music transcends most boundaries, i have no idea what she was singing about but it sounded sublime.
The last cut, 'There's A Girl', is recorded in a (real or contrived) live environment. and provides an upbeat end to the album - quality certainly doesn't drop towards the end of the selection as often happens these days.
Special mention to the piano fills on his song.
The whole fifteen-track album provides the listeners with upbeat, fun entertainment, my personal highlight being cut ten 'Lonely Days, Loney Nighs' - There's nothing radical about it, and that's part of the attraction, it's just straight-down-the-line vocal-hrmony rock'n'roll done very nicely indeed, Thank you.
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