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Date: 25/03/2010
Author: Visitor
Reviews for: BRIOLES


Just so you know, this Spanish threesome are mental! I've never met them you understand, but I have heard this new CD from the boys and I'm basing my opinion on that.
If you give most mental Rockabillies (are there any other sort?) some instruments and studio time they'll sell the instruments buy some cheap beer and have a party in the studio, but these guys actually manage to put together a great CD whilst sounding like they're getting drunk and having a party at the same time, so credit where it's due.
They reminded me a bit of the early Guana Batz (not that Pip ever sang in Spanish) - loads of energy and humour and not taking themselves too seriously.
Musically they're firmly in that mid '80s neo-Rockabilly camp - in other words Rockabilly on amphetamines AND whiskey. Not surprisingly they do a whacked out cover of Macy Skipper's genius track Bop P/V/s just to prove the point - this lot were obviously shovelling 'em in by the fistfull in the studio! ?
Nearly all the tunes are self penned by singer and guitarist Jorge Briol (when he's not in his straight jacket being force fed baby food), and they firmly stamp their sound all over the CD with tracks like Madhouse, Voodoo Bop and Too Drunk for Your Love to name but a few - you get the idea. Their version of Only Make Believe (yep!) is something to behold; Conway Twitty will be spinning in his grave when he hears this, but probably only 'cos he wants to get out and bop to it.
I enjoyed this CD, it's fast, furious and above all, fun. I bet these guys are a blast live - if they can stay on the stage long enough without falling off.
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