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Delivery Information

Delivery Information 

These price options will also be given to you at checkout. The table below is shown as guide to help you decide which postal option is best for you. If you have any questions regarding postage and delivery that are not answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page, please contact us

• All items are sent in high quality padded envelopes or boxes for larger orders. 
• You can save even more money by choosing to have your CDs sent without their jewel cases and trays. It makes your parcel much lighter and there's no cases to get broken! (you can choose this option when you check-out). 
• We always strive to get your order to you as soon as possible, but delivery is in the hands of the postal service who sometimes do not meet their expected delivery times! 
• You can also choose Registered Mail for 4.00 Euro per order, which provides more control than regular mail. The mail has its details recorded in a register to enable their location to be tracked and requires your signature to be delivered 


Important - orders of more than 2000 grs.
These go by airmail parcel and registered delivery so you don't have to chose Registered Mail when ordering.


Up to 50 grs

1.80 Euro

2.10 Euro

51 to 100 grs

2.55 Euro

3.55 Euro

101 to 500 grs

6.80 Euro

10.45 Euro

501 to 1000 grs

14.10 Euro

21.55 Euro

1001 to 2000 grs

21.30 Euro

37.60 Euro

2001 to 3000 grs

31.00 Euro

44.00 Euro

3001 grs to 4000 grs

33.00 Euro

53.00 Euro

4001 grs to 5000 grs

36.00 Euro

60.00 Euro

Europe - Every 1000 grs - 3.00 Euro more.
Worldwide - Every 1000 grs - 8.00 Euro more.

1 CD complete = 101grs
1CD without plastic cases = 30grs
1Vinyl Lp = 300 grs
Double CD's and Vinyl Lps weight a bit more.

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